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RWBY - Volume 4 - Reality :iconkanenash:KaneNash 30 0 RWBY - Volume 4 - Blake Belladonna - Reality :iconkanenash:KaneNash 22 0 RWBY - Volume 4 - Weiss Schnee - Reality :iconkanenash:KaneNash 26 0 SQL - Joins :iconkanenash:KaneNash 2 1 Warhammer 40,000 - Necron Overlord :iconkanenash:KaneNash 39 3 RWBY - Symphogear :iconkanenash:KaneNash 102 4 RWBY - Volume 4 - Yang Xiao Long - Reality :iconkanenash:KaneNash 33 0 RWBY - Volume 4 - Ruby Rose - Reality :iconkanenash:KaneNash 59 3 Clownpiece on a casual Nov 8 :iconkanenash:KaneNash 11 2 Utsuho Reiuji - Future Days :iconkanenash:KaneNash 16 5 RWBY - Volume 4 - Ruby Rose - Equaliser :iconkanenash:KaneNash 205 6 Chimera - BMPT Terminator - Girls und Panzer :iconkanenash:KaneNash 33 1 Fujiwara no Mokou :iconkanenash:KaneNash 4 0 Shield of Baal - Unholy Alliance :iconkanenash:KaneNash 77 8 RWBY: Metaphysics :iconkanenash:KaneNash 240 27 RWBY: Rehabilitation :iconkanenash:KaneNash 210 72
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RWBY - Volume 4 - Reality
Here are the girls together, hope you like them! 

I actually like the fact they all look quite different, not just their respective color palettes but their respective face structures, you know how anime(sque) characters have this tendency to all look all the same, but I guess that's a sort of convention.

I really don't know what to do after this, ideas of Symphogear Yang were floating around, I don't know, nowadays the only day I have basically nothing to do is Sunday, and even them I have to work some commission or take care of my family, then again, you see these girls? They are all sisters, not just Yang and Ruby, and I think having someone you care about is the basis of the human soul.
RWBY - Volume 4 - Blake Belladonna - Reality
Done! Here is Blake, so I think it's mission accomplished, I actually had a delay of a week because I had to work last saturday, talking about tough stuff, but that's how we make money IRL, by the way, I am impressed it didn't take me that much of a time, and I like the final result, hope you guys and gals too :)

PS: there is another where all of them appear in the same image.
I have to make realistic Blake this week, I have to do it!
RWBY - Volume 4 - Weiss Schnee - Reality
And this was the turn of Weiss, amusingly enough I think this one took me comparatively less time than the others, even with all the jewelry, although I had a few dilemmas, mostly Weiss hair color, I know there are people out there who either have blonde nearly platinum hair or grey hair from an early age, I decided to go for the platinum hair, although of course, it's almost never platinum as it always keep a bit of gold, which is the reason I kept a bit of yellow in the hue of her hair.

By the way, I tried to make her less rounded than Ruby, as being from an aristocratic family I assumed Weiss may have slimmer features, not that much but is still there.

After Weiss comes Blake, which I am not really sure what to do with, well, that's something I may have to figure out, dunno, is not so easy, being faunus...
SQL - Joins
"...Magic? You search for Magic?! Hahaha, boy you are conceptually and physically surrounded by the richest magic yet all these years you have been so blind you couldn't even grasp it! It was there all the time, while you were reading your songs and books of fantasies, necromancy, alien gods and pre-human civilizations, yet you didn't dear because true power demands more than daydreaming and creativity, it requires pragmatic logic and disciplined resourcefulness. But fear not, your time has come..."

"...These formulae and the geometric patterns, they are not abstract ornaments, they... they are mean to manipulate data, they follow pure logic theorems by combining the different relations of the key identifiers of the data tables, allowing for virtually infinite combinations of queries..." 

It's quite funny how nowadays we see many images which have a great deal of technobabble or magic symbols yet they actually mean nothing, I decided to make something different, use real SQL Joins queries with geometric demonstrations in the guise of a techno-magic formula wallpaper, amusingly enough this is actually quite useful if you are learning SQL, which in turns allow you to manipulate and filter information from database, an skill which has very useful value when it comes to financial "magic".

Anyway, I think I will make more of these, although I still have the RWBY reality wallpapers, I think they may come next, and after that, well, we will see.
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Well, I have to admit, I am impressed, I have never have had social activity here at DA, until recently, I decided to join a few groups and share my work with them, I was impressed how warm the reception was, people really support each other and you see how they contribute and comment and celebrate. I wish I had started before, as this allow me to see a lot of awesome stuff every day here, but I guess better late than never.

Good day!


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I am a person with many interests, so yeah, you can expect to find me talking about Conan the Barbarian at one moment and minutes later about Lucky Star. And then talking about marketing strategies from transnational companies or having a discussion about what military hardware is better, so yeah, that's me.


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